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Who we are
Goedwerk Foundation is an organization that supports and guides undocumented migrants in voluntary return to their country of origin. Since its foundation in 2012, we have helped more than 300 people with a successful and sustainable return.

Elias Brhane is the founder of Goedwerk Foundation. In 1978 he himself came to the Netherlands from Ethiopia as a refugee. He knows better than anyone what it is like to leave your own country and have to find your way in a foreign country. When Elias Brhane was granted a residence permit but many of his compratiots were not, he saw more and more how difficult life for undocumented migrants is. With sorrow he witnessed their struggles, including the struggles of a lot of his compatriots. On the one hand there is the will to go back, on the other hand there is a fear to go back. Elias wants to help these people with the stalemate they sometimes end up in. By offering thorough preparation in the Netherlands and aftercare in their country of origin, return becomes a sustainable solution. Through his personal experiences, Elias quickly gains trust of the target group.

Goedwerk Foundation employs five people, each with their own expertise and background. The people at Goedwerk are experience experts, professional aid workers and professional trainers. We can speak with people in Tigrinya, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Berber, English, Spanish, French and Dutch.


It is our mission to prepare people who want to leave the Netherlands voluntarily for a successful and sustainable return.


We strive to ensure that everyone who returns is successful in their country of origin and happy to be back.

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